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Isola libraries / a prototype PDN solver / Dr Eric Bogatin in Stockholm

  Three news items from Polar.

  1. Latest Isola material libraries for Speedstack
  2.  A prototype PDN solver
  3. Dr Eric Bogatin returns to Stockholm with his S-parameter class.

  In detail

  1.  I am delighted to announce the latest Isola materials are now included in an
  updated Speedstack library.  Contact with your active Polarcare
  contract number for the download links.

  2. Something different this month.  Polar has been working in the background on
  a prototype PDN solver. Not yet ready for prime time - but fully functional and
  operational, I am looking for a maximum of 10 volunteer test licensees to give
  feedback on the prototype. Licenses on this prototype PDN solver will run for
  a 2 week period, and at the end the test licensee will be asked for a brief
  summary of the usefulness functionality and value of the product. Nothing
  too extensive - just a brief opinion.  Only 10 seats at this point which we
  will release at the start of June and the test licensees will be chosen at
  random from replies to this mailing.

  Reply to this mail with PDN eval in the subject line to be given an
  opportunity to qualify for one of the 10 prototype evaluation licenses.
  3. Dr Eric Bogatin is making a welcome return to Europe and presenting
  his 2 day practical s-parameter class in Stockholm.  Full pricing and
  details may be found here:

 When? Monday and Tuesday June 8th and 9th 2015.