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 January 2015

Launch Point Extrapolation / CGen / 2015 EPD100 - 2015

  Welcome from Polar to 2015 - three news items for you this month.
  The first item could help point you towards even better impedance vs
  modeled correlation on thin copper or narrow line structures:
  1. New application note on Launch Point Extrapolation - which is now
  supported in the latest CITS and Atlas PCB impedance test systems:
   2. The 2015 edition of CGen PCB / CGen Si impedance coupon
  and insertion loss coupon test vehicle generator is now released.
  This contains minor fixes and corrections.
  Please contact for more information.
  3. Popular as ever the educational EPD100 Transmission line equipotential
  display utility is re-released for 2015. Ideal for training and introduction purposes
  for new colleagues.