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Speedstack 2015 - now available

  Speedstack 2015 is now available including:

  1. Interfacing capability with Ucamco Integr8tor & Ucam.*
  2. A new optional file format to provide a full XML description of rigid flex & HDI constructions.
  3. Interfaces to a number of PCB CAD layout systems.*
  4. Many other customer requested enhancements.

  This Powerpoint explains in detail:
  In addition - this is an enabling release for Speedstack - much
  of the core having been rewritten in the latest supported compilers.
  Back 10 years ago Speedstack was written in a version of
  .NET Framework which is no longer supported.  This 2015 version
  is now ported to the latest compilers - a huge behind the scenes task -
  necessary to enable us to continue delivering the enhancements
  that customers request for the future.

  Customers with an active Polarcare contract - please contact or your local Polar contact
  for upgrade information.

  *Please note - the interface availability from Speedstack may be in advance of the
  CAD or CAM system vendor release date. For release dates from your CAD or CAM
  vendor please contact your supplier for information.