Speedstack Coupon Generator
Speedstack automatic impedance coupon generator
Automatic impedance coupon generator Speedstack Coupon Generator
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Speedstack Coupon Generator

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"Since investing in Speedstack Coupon generator at Printed Wiring Technologies Ltd, impedance coupons are generated 70% faster, when compared with our previous manual techniques"

Edward Hare
Printed Wiring Technologies 

NEW: Speedstack Coupon Generator - 2010 - enhanced editing.

Following customer feedback in 2009, the coupon editing capability in 2010 is significantly enhaced with real time editing controls showing you the effects of your edit live on screen..

Speedstack Coupon Generator

Speedstack Coupon Generator is a new automatic impedance coupon generator option for Speedstack PCB and Speedstack Si.

How can the Coupon Generator benefit me?

Speedstack Coupon Generator is designed to take impedance controlled stackup information directly from Speedstack PCB or Speedstack Si and generate the appropriate impedance test coupon containing all the required PCB controlled impedance transmission line structures. This is typically a time consuming process. Manual operation by cutting and pasting from Si8000 / Si9000 or directly entering line widths is also straightforward.

Coupon generation

In addition to being time consuming, manual coupon generation may be prone to errors, especially where complex structures are involved, and even if you use a scripted solution, not all scripted routes to coupon generation create the more complex coplanar strip or waveguide structure types.

Probe connection
One of the most critical areas of coupon design is matching the test probe to the coupon interconnect. Speedstack Coupon Generator allows you to pick from a list of the industry's most frequently used IP probes for CITS impedance test systems. The interconnect for the chosen probe is then automatically engineered into the artwork.
How do I use the Coupon Generator?
Either create your impedance controlled stackup in Speedstack, simply copy and paste the stackup into the Speedstack Coupon Generator, choose your probe, and generate your preferred coupon style.  Coupon Generator will then create RS274X and a drill file for export. Or from version 9_02 onwards directly cut and paste from Si8000m / Si9000e or manually enter line widths into Speedstack Coupon Generator. Power users familiar with scripting can also import XML data directly.

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System requirements
For PC system requirements for Speedstack CG see AP605