How to export Touchstone files from Si9000e 2009
Application Note AP8169
Enhanced Touchstone export in Si9000e 2009 edition

The Si9000 Transmission Line Field Solver provides S-parameter data in several alternative formats, including list (Touchstone) and graphical formats (Smith Chart). Touchstone (SnP) files are ASCII text files used for documenting n-port network parameter data. Touchstone S-parameter export is enhanced in Si9000e version 2009 and now includes the ability to export in the following formats:

Real / Imaginary

Mag / Degrees

dB / Degrees

The Si9000 exports in 2-port (.s2p) and 4-port (.s4p) formats. To export data in Touchstone format, from the File menu choose Export Touchstone Format Figure 1.

Figure 1

Specify the file name and destination. The Touchstone format and the number of frequency steps may now be set at the point of export  Figure 2.

Figure 2

Specify the Touchstone format Real/Imaginary, Mag/Deg (magnitude-angle) or dB/Deg (dB-angle) and the number of frequency steps and click Export.

S-parameter extraction extension to lower frequencies in Si9000e 2009

From the 2009 edition of Si9000e the boundary element field solving engine under the Si9000e is enhanced to enable extraction of s-parameters down to 1KHz  Figures 3 and 4. 

Figure 3

Si9000e also features the ability to configure s-parameter source and load impedance  Figure 3, along with a variety of other enhancements.

Figure 4 Low frequency extraction

Data exported from the Si9000e is thus far more practically usable when exported into other modelling tools. 

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