Upgrading to SB200 v6
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SB200 v6 upgrade notes

Before installing SB200 v6, please note the following:

Resetting configuration settings

Your old configuration settings may be different from the default values set up when this version is first run. Ensure that any critical values ( particularly finishing values) are reset. 

Backing up old libraries

If you have already been using versions of the SB200 prior to v6, and have modified the sample materials libraries then make copies of the libraries (or rename them) before installing the new version. The libraries are located in the folder SB200\Samples. During the installation process the two files SB200 Mils.mlb (imperial version) and SB200 mm.mlb (metric version) are overwritten. Any items that you have added to the Samples library will be removed by this installation process. User libraries are not affected by the installation.

Converting version 5.x stackups

Due to the extensive changes that have been made between v5 .1 and v6 it will be necessary to convert all v5.1 files to a new format that is readable by v6. This is a one-off process that is achieved by clicking the “Convert Existing Files” item on the File Menu; this will only be visible if the ConvertSB200Files.exe has been installed.

Full details of the conversion procedure are contained in AP506 - Converting SB200 v5 stackups to v6

Note: Users are strongly advised to make backup copies of files to be converted in a safe location prior to conversion.

SB200 v5.1 users. Ensure that all Stack Up (.stk), Projects (.sci) and Material Libraries (.mlb) have been saved from within SB200 v5.1 since files from previous versions of the SB200 will not be converted to v6 with the SB200 File Converter.

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