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Replaced by Speedstack PCB

SB8000 Professional edition 

SB8000 package comprises Si8000 and SB200

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Materials Libraries

Materials partner program

Generic libraries
Libraries of material specification that will allow you to design stacks without selecting specific material types and manufacturers



SB8000 Impedance field solver and layerstackup package 

The SB8000 is a packaged combination of the Si8000 field solving impedance calculator and the SB200a professional layer stackup design system. If you need both impedance calculation and layerstackup / buildup documentation the SB8000 offers a considerable saving over purchasing
separate licences

The SB8000 Impedance calculation and PCB layer stackup package is ideal for you if:

You need to calculate impedance requirements on multilayer boards with multiple controlled impedance structures per stack:

You need to make changes to the stack - for example substitute material in the case of a shortage, and rapidly check (for example) overall height, line width and transmission line impedance values.  By employing the link between the Si8000 field solver and the SB200 stackup / buildup software you can recalculate all the impedance values in a single pass in a fraction of the time taken traditionally.  

Should there be a need for any line width alteration the new build information can be rapidly communicated electronically, your colleagues being able to read the stack and impedance information with the new SB200 viewer.  (Free 12 month licences for the SB200 viewer are available from Polar)


Clear stackup documentation
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Clear concise documentation

Share and document stackup information in a clear and consistent format. Material usage and graphical stack up views can be printed or shared electronically in a format that is easily read by both interconnect designer and fabricator.

Design rule checks
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Design rules check:

Real time design rule check highlights, material mismatch, copper imbalance, RCC foils on inner layers and other design parameters.

Share material information
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Your materials:

PCB fabricators can build a library of commonly used materials and materials that are normally available from stock along with cost or performance information. Choosing the professional edition of the SB200 allows you to direct import your materials library in text delimited form. This information may be shared with interconnect designers. This means that designers can at a glance choose materials on a basis of cost / lead time / or performance.
System requirements

The SB8000 impedance calculator and layer stackup package is developed with the latest tools and resources, and requires Microsoft .net framework compatibility.  Polar recommends that the SB200 is installed under Windows 2000 or Windows XP.  SB200 will also run under Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 however please first read the notes at the end of this section.



IBM PC compatible


1GHz Pentium minimum for SB200a 3GHz+ recommended or Athlon equivalent for use with SB200b and Si8000m

Operating system

Windows 2000, Windows XP - (preferred) Windows 98, Windows NT - (see notes)

System memory

512MB minimum recommended

Hard disk space required

150MB (min.)

Video standard

SVGA (1024 x 768 min.)

CDROM drive


Microsoft compatible

Important Notes: For installations on Windows NT4.0 and Windows 98:

Works on Windows 98 with IE5.01 plus latest security patches and hotfixes from Windows update.
Requires150MB HDU Space on Windows Drive.
If in doubt please contact your IT department before installing.

Windows NT 4.0 users need to install SP6a plus IE6 prior to installing the SB200.
Requires150MB HDU Space on Windows Drive.
If in doubt please contact your IT department before installing.

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