PCB stackup, signal integrity and controlled impedance

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Si9000e adds Gradient modelling for surface roughness; this powerful easy to use insertion loss field solver models copper / dielectric loss – and loss owing to surface roughness with one of 4 industry standard models.

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PCB signal integrity, PCB stackup, impedance design, test and documentation

Field solving design systems compute parameters for lossless or lossy line impedance, taking into account high-frequency dielectric loss and copper surface losses using Huray, Groisse or Hammerstad methodologies.

PCB stackup design and documentation integrates seamlessly with the field solvers to include transmission line data in the final board stackup report. Extensive suppliers material libraries are available on-line.

Transmission line test systems support conventional impedance measurements as well as SPP, SET2DIL and Delta-L methods for measurement of insertion loss.

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