November 2020 Webinar video note
Introduction to Insertion Loss  

November 2020 Webinar – Introduction to Insertion Loss

Introduction to PCB Insertion Loss Webinar

Introduction to PCB insertion loss webinar covering modeling, measuring and a simple to understand explanation of the PCB characteristics that impact on both characteristic impedance and insertion loss of PCB transmission lines. Recorded November 2020.


00:00 Introduction
00:59 The two main contributors to loss
01:45 Copper losses
04:15 Copper roughness
05:25 Dielectric loss
06:50 Modeling loss
07:00 Drivers for Impedance vs Loss
07:40 Factors that influence characteristic impedance
08:50 Factors that influence insertion loss
11:40 "All models are wrong but some are useful"
16:40 Substrate modeling
18:00 Roughness modeling
19:10 Measurement
20:00 Delta-L 4.0
26:25 Atlas insertion loss measurement system
30:31 Contact information