Si9000e graphing – goal seeking suface roughness video note

Si9000e graphing, goal seeking surface roughness

Video on Si9000e graphing goal seeking surface roughness etc.

Si9000e graphing – goal seeking surface roughness

Introducing Si9000e graphing, creating projects from sensitivity analysis, goal seeking of surface roughness and the updated Track Resistance Calculator, TRC Plus and allowing calculation of trace resistance vs temperature.


00:00 Introduction
00:50 Project Graphing – Requires Si Projects feature
01:20 Opening the Graphing tool
01:54 Graphing Tool dialog overview – Loss Tangent
03:00 Graphing Tool utilising Roughness
04:30 Project Graphing – Summary
05:13 Populate a Project from Sensitivity Analysis Results
06:56 Creating Project Structures automatically
07:40 Saving a Project in the SIP format
08:10 Goal Seek Cu roughness to match measured results
09:30 Surface roughness Goal Seek option
11:30 Always use microsections and test your assumptions
12:00 Track Resistance Calculator (TRC Plus)
13:40 Other enhancements – Monte Carlo Analysis and Causally Extrapolated Substrate Data
14:30 Contact details