Getting started with the Toneohm 950 video note
How to find gound plane shorts 

Locating gound plane shorts – getting started with the Toneohm 950

Toneohm 950 Multi-layer short circuit locator

Easy first time ground plane short circuit location with Polar Toneohm 950. A talk through using the Toneohm's vector plane stimulus for locating plane to plane shorts.


00:00 Introduction
00:15 Checking you have a short
00:25 Using the Toneohm as a multimeter
00:38 Establishing which planes are shorted
02:20 Using vector plane stimulus – applying the VPS leads to the plane corners
02:40 Checking the order of the VPS leads
03:45 Checking the VPS leads are connected to the correct plane – selecting active mode
04:15 Using the arrows and audible signals to locate the short
05:50 Approaching the short – fine tuning the Toneohm sensitivity
06:00 Arriving at the short
07:50 Contact details