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 March 2016

New application notes / Signal Integrity training / IPC Apex 2016 booth 647

  1. A Polar customer recently asked me this about the Si9000e field solver:

  "I have played with frequency dependent modelling using the Extended
  Substrate Data option and am puzzled by the result.
  As the Er went down with frequency - the impedance went down too.
  Quite unexpected!  Please explain if the tool is working correctly."

  You can read the explanation in this new application note:
  2. Date for your diary - Americom Seminars are holding
  a High Speed Digital design seminar - supported by Polar
  in Beaverton (Portland) OR on April 28th and 29th.  Please
  take a look at the seminar information here:

  3. Si8000m and Si9000e 2016 editions are slated for
  release later this month.  Here is another chance
  to see the preview:

  4. A second Si9000e application note shows how the  soon to be
  released 2016 edition makes it easier to select causal  modelling of
  Er and loss tangent.

  5. Last but not least Polar presents the most recent editions of
  all our products at IPC Apex 2016 booth 647.
  Date: March 15-17
  Where: Las Vegas convention center Nevada
  Find our booth here: