Polar Gen Release Candidate 24_04 RC3


 Polar Coupon Generator Release Candidate

CGen Controlled Impedance Coupon Generator 2024 v24.04 Release Candidate RC3

Instructions and list of changes
CGen v24.04 RC3 instructions and list of changes (pdf)

CGen Coupon Generator 2024 v24.04 Release Candidate RC3

CGen 2024 v24.04 release candidate RC3 contains the full finalised feature set of CGen v24.04. It has undergone extensive internal testing, and is now ready for early adopters to evaluate. Importantly, it would be appreciated if existing users can open and inspect or test their existing coupon files and feedback any issues encountered via polarcare@polarinstruments.com

NOTE: CGen v24.04 requires a fully licensed installation of CGen 2024 v24.01 to run.

The release candidate should be downloaded and unzipped into a suitable folder. Run CGen.exe from there and save RC3 files separately from v24.01 files.
It is recommended you use v24.01 for live designs until Polar signals a full release of v24.04. CGen will access your existing CGen V24 license.

Please contact your local Polar office for more information.

No license and wish to evaluate? Contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com and request an evaluation of CGen 24_01 then follow the above instructions.