CITS880s Assure – provides assurance of service continuity from your CITS880s for low initial outlay at a fixed annual cost

CITS880s Assure – assurance of service continuity from a maintained CITS880s

The CITS880s is a four channel impedance tester for single-ended and differential transmission line PCB measurements.

A CITS880s Assure Annual Subscription provides assurance of service continuity from a maintained CITS880s for low initial outlay at a fixed annual cost. CITS Assure combines annual rental of the CITS880s and its associated control software. Polar provides full maintenance and support during the term of the agreement. In the unlikely event of your CITS880s requiring repair Polar will at its discretion either repair or replace the unit entirely during the term. For multiple year subscriptions, and for high usage applications you are required to book an annual calibration and replace any consumable parts as reminded by the control software.

  1. Customer subscribes to an Annual Rental of a CITS880s mainframe unit. The CITS880s mainframe is inoperable without the CITS880s control software for which an Annual License Grant is required as in paragraph 2 below. The Customer will return the unit to Polar in good condition subject only to fair wear and tear at the expiration of the Annual License Subscription unless renewed.

  2. Customer subscribes to an Annual License Grant of CITS880s Control Software.

  3. CITS880s Assure provides for full maintenance and support of the CITS880s mainframe during the subscription period as follows:

    1. Polar performs a planned calibration annually.

    2. The CITS880s will be either maintained, or replaced entirely, at Polar’s sole discretion provided the instrument has been calibrated within the previous 12 months and the instrument’s static protection relay has been maintained as in paragraph c below.

    3. The CITS880s input protection relay is a consumable item. Polar will replace the relay at the Customer’s expense at the first annual calibration cycle after the relay has reached the recommended 1,000,000 operation cycles.

  4. CITS880s Assure expires on the anniversary date and may be renewed by mutual consent.

  5. The CITS880s requires a set of accessory items, purchased separately.

A complete set of CITS880s Assure accessory items is required at the subscription outset which can be detailed by contacting your Polar office.

The customer will own these accessories and is responsible for their maintenance and replacement at the customer’s expense.

For more information please contact your local Polar office. (Note that CITS Assure may not be available in all countries owing to local regulations.)