Atlas Si for Anritsu ShockLine™ and VectorStar™ VNA – PCB insertion loss testing for PCB fabricators and Si engineers

Atlas Si for VNA Delta-L4.0 insertion loss test

Atlas Delta-L insertion loss test system for Anritsu ShockLine™ MS46524B 4-Port Performance VNA
and Anritsu VectorStarâ„¢ MS4647B 70GHz VNA – supports Delta-L 4.0 Eigenvalues * PCB insertion loss test methods to 43.5GHz

The Atlas insertion loss measurement system

The Atlas insertion loss measurement system is designed to assist PCB fabricators in the accurate and repeatable measurement of PCB transmission line losses in a PCB production environment. The system comprises Atlas Si for VNA or Atlas Si for TDR (which is a TDR based alternative for legacy Tektronix DSA8300 / 80E04 systems). For Eigenvalue Delta-L 4.0 Atlas for VNA is required.

PCB insertion loss testing Delta-L 4.0 with Polar Atlas for Anritsu VNA introduction. Including how
to close the verification loop with cross section and Si9000e insertion loss field solver.

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Atlas Si for Anritsu ShockLine™ and VectorStar™ 4-Port Performance VNA

Atlas Si for VNA is a precision insertion loss measurement package designed specifically for PCB fabricators and OEMs. It provides accurate, repeatable measurements of frequency based transmission line losses, allowing fabricators to meet stringent targets that maintain signal integrity within the limits of the latest high-speed chipsets. Atlas Si for Anritsu ShockLine™ and VectorStar™ 4-Port Performance VNA insertion loss test supports the Delta-L test method for differential and single ended insertion loss testing.

Atlas Si for VNA interfaces with industry standard Anritsu ShockLine™ MS46524B 43.5GHz 4-Port Vector Network Analyser. The MS46524B 4-Port VNA covers the broadband frequency range from 50 kHz to 43.5 GHz, measuring single-ended and mixed-mode s-parameters.

The MS46524B series supports SCPI command programming and uses industry standard LAN communications for remote control in test applications.

Fabricators can choose to add Atlas to their existing VNA or alternatively Polar can supply a turnkey package.

Multi-GHz PCB fabrication

For PCBs operating above 2GHz signal losses become a major problem for PCBs manufactured in conventional FR4 and other low cost laminate materials. As more OEMs integrate high-speed chipsets onto their boards, the need for PCB fabricators to measure and control frequency-based losses increases. Measuring transmission line losses presents fabricators with a set of challenges with dielectric loss and smoothness of the copper foils the crucial parameters for controlling frequency-based losses. Fast and accurate measurement of transmission line losses in the production environment allows you to increase manufacturing yield and reduces the comparatively high cost of multi-gigahertz PCB fabrication.

Delta-L test method

Atlas for Anritsu VNA is compliant with IPC TM650 (Test Methods to Determine the Amount of Signal Loss on Printed Boards) and supports the Delta-L 4.0 test method for extraction of differential insertion loss and effective Er from a suitably designed coupon.

The Delta-L technique uses long-line short-line measurement combined with innovative via de-embedding techniques; Atlas fully incorporates Delta-L with the current settings and parameters. Delta-L provides a sound method for removing the via effects from differential (mixed mode) s-parameters when characterising raw PCBs for insertion loss

Delta-L 4.0 Eigenvalue test method

Is fully supported on both Shockline and VectorStar VNAs Delta L 4.0 with Eigenvalue method.

Atlas uses powerful mathematical processing techniques to allow measurement of differential frequency-dependent losses from a test coupon quickly and easily. The system is easy to set up, easy to use and delivers fast results without the need for extensive operator training. A single insertion loss test can be performed in a fraction of the time needed for traditional techniques.

Controlled impedance test

Atlas for VNA software also includes traditional lossless controlled impedance test.

PC Specifications: See Application Note AP605 for Atlas software system requirements.

Atlas Licensing: FlexNet key protected.

* Availability: Atlas for Anritsu ShockLine and VectorStar is shipping now with Delta L 4.0 support. Consult AP608 for the latest version.

 Atlas for Anritsu ShockLine™ VNA PCB insertion loss test system

Atlas for VNA comprises the following:

  • Atlas for VNA software with key protected license.
  • 1 year Polarcare maintenance & support
  • Anritsu ShockLine MS46524B 4-Port Vector Network Analyser* or
  • Anritsu VectorStar MS4647B- 4-Port Vector Network Analyser*
    *(Customer supplied - or contact your local Polar office for complete package information)

Contact: Neil Chamberlain Signal Integrity Product Manager for further information.

Polar products for insertion loss test and modeling include:

  • Atlas Si – GHz insertion loss test system
  • Si9000e – PCB transmission line field solver
  • Speedstack Si – Layer stackup design and documentation system
  • Speedstack Flex – Rigid flex stackup design and documentation system
  • CGen Si – Coupon generator with support for accurate Insertion loss test coupons

Applicable standards:

  • Atlas fully incorporates Delta-L 4.0 With Eigenvalue method with the current settings and parameters

* Note: SET2DIL and SET2SEIL require Matlab runtime v8.0. See AP633

Ordering information:

Order: Atlas VNA for Delta-L