Speedflex for Speedstack - flexrigid stackup design
Speedflex – adds flex-rigid PCB layer stackup design and documentation to Speedstack
 Create and professionally document layer stackups in an instant.

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Speedstack brochure screen / print(4MB)

Speedflex brochure screen / print

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Material libraries for Speedstack are available exclusively for Polarcare customers from Polar's supplier partners listed in the Polar Materials Partner program 
Speedflex for Speedstack

Speedstack with Speedflex Navigator – click to view full graphic 

Why create stackups with Speedflex?

Speedflex allows PCB fabricators and OEM engineers to create and document flex-rigid PCB layer stackups using the Speedstack family of PCB design tools.

What will Speedflex do for me?

OEM designers
Speedflex allows OEM designers to create an accurate and efficient flex-rigid PCB stackup in minutes, with error-free documentation for tighter control over the finished board. 

PCB fabricators
For PCB fabricators, Speedflex provides the flexibility to quickly calculate the possible impact of substituting alternative materials to improve manufacturability and reduce cost while maintaining the specified parameters and performance of the board.


Easy graphical stackup display
The Speedflex navigator quickly guides engineers though the stackup process and presents the complete assembly in a graphical display that highlights the flex regions within the flex-rigid PCB. User-definable settings within the Speedflex navigator allow engineers to display layers in transparent, invisible or 3D mode. 

Speedflex 2D mode – click to view full graphic

Speedflex 3D mode – click to view full graphic

A range of materials including flexible adhesives, bond ply and FlexiCore can be enabled or disabled for each layer, and impedance structures can be added to each sub-stack. 

Without Speedflex...

Flex-rigid PCB manufacture can be expensive in money and time and using the traditional, informal methods of exchanging stackup information is prone to misinterpretation as the stack is passed around the supply chain. Errors in stack documentation can all too easily result in board scrappage and remanufacture.

Interactive Speedflex brings reduced cost and enhanced reporting capability...

Speedflex for cost control
Speedflex allows OEM designers and PCB fabricators to control the traditionally high cost of flex-rigid PCBs. Using comprehensive, standard or custom libraries of suppliers, material lead times and costs, Speedflex can eliminate hours of complex calculations by quickly displaying the predicted effect of using different materials and suppliers on a board’s electrical performance, cost and manufacturing yield. This ultra-fast process means that more options can be explored to find the optimum combination of materials and suppliers for each board.

High quality error-free documentation
Speedstack's professional, high quality documentation is continued in Speedflex. Once the flex-rigid stackup is complete, Speedflex also adds flex-rigid report capability to the Speedstack report generator. Documents can be exported in a range of industry-standard formats including JPEG, Gerber and PDF files so that every company and individual within the fabrication process, from PCB fabricators to brokers, can have the same clear instructions and parameters.