Precision line gage 
Measures PCB line width and etch factor

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Precision line width measurement - made easy:

At last an easy way to measure conductor line width repeatably and reproducibly and without operator fatigue. Traditionally, well-trained inspectors spend much time with a 50X or 100X magnifier to measure conductor line widths. This involves carefully counting these tiny lines with the magnifier. The operators, eyes would be sore after  a short inspection. Different inspectors can easily end up different results due to the rigors of examination. The PLG100 Precision Line  Gage system remedies this situation by providing high quality optical measurements which are accurate repeatable and easy to obtain.

Data logging with the PLG100 Line Gauge AP305

The PLG100 is able both to make and record single measurements for line widths and to take averages over a series of measurements. For example, the PLG100 can be used to record a series of measurements over the length of a line and return a single averaged value for the line width. This application note describes measurement recording for single and averaged measurements.

Quickly discovers etching factors 

Easily measures top and bottom conductor line widths

Easily checks the conductor line space and width on the board

Reduces measuring time and increases measuring accuracy

Can be used for film inspection - film safe

Easy to operate and requires little training 

Weighs less than 0.73 kg 

High resolution 0.75 um

High a
ccuracy +/-1.5 um

The PLG100 Precision Line Gage system is specially designed for desktop use in order   to measure conductor line   widths, conductor line spaces, arcs, circles and other patterns on the PCB. It can measure a conductor line width less than 1 mil.  The PLG100 system is unbelievably light weighing only 0.73 kg and providing easy mobility. The unique and smooth design of the PLG100 base ensures  that your PCB will not be scratched during inspecting.   Its special lighting design allows users to measure line widths without considering the angle of conductor lines. And the Line Gage system can provide measuring results in text format. Users can then simply import these results to Microsoft Excel to analyze the results in detail. 
Checking trapezoidal line dimensions - ideal for checking etchback.                                   
Measuring arcs                                            Microvia and via diameter checks

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