Polar Feature Request Policy and Process

Polar Feature Request Policy and Process

Customer feedback is important in shaping our products to keep them relevant.
Polar software is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of end users. This means we receive a huge amount of valuable feedback and suggestions. Sadly, we can’t follow through on every suggestion and regrettably need to say ‘no’ more often than we would like. For the same reason we are unable to accept orders for our products that rely on the promise of modifications or the addition of extra functionality. Because of architectural constraints, occasionally, what look like simple changes can in fact be more complex than they appear.

We don’t publish our product roadmap as it is subject to change from market forces; this page describes how we handle your feature ideas.

How to submit a feature request

You can submit your idea directly to polarcare@polarinstruments.com noting your active Polarcare contract, though it is perhaps better to discuss the idea first with your product specialist – as the feature may already exist.

  1. Make the email subject: New feature request as the Request type.
  2. Ensure all the details about the feature are included. Provide examples or use cases to demonstrate the need for the feature.
  3. CC your product specialist at your local Polar office.
  4. Create separate emails for separate feature requests. This is very helpful in increasing the chances of a feature or features being implemented.

What happens next?

Your Polar contact may:

  • Ask for additional information
  • Propose an alternative approach or a workaround
  • Find out if the development is already in place
  • Determine if the request can be accommodated

After the support team confirms the proposed idea is valid it is placed in our review system for evaluation and commonality with other requests. Ticket numbers are assigned to keep track of requests and the frequency of occurence.

How Polar prioritizes feature requests

We take a number of factors into consideration when prioritizing feature requests, including:

  • Product strategy – ideas need to be aligned with the product's long-term strategic vision
  • Demand – are there other customers who have proposed the idea or would benefit from similar functionality?
  • Level of effort – simple ideas have a shorter implementation time than complex features
  • Availability of our team and resources

How to track what Is happening to a proposed idea

If you wish to know the status of a request you may contact polarcare@polarinstruments.com with the ticket number and we can confirm if the featured is selected for development, deferred or declined from adoption. If adopted for development then depending on the complexity of the implementation, it may take between three to 12 months to complete it. The feature may (depending on complexity) be released in a beta form prior to mainstream release.

Follow our News pages and keep an eye on Polar news emails for updates on new features.

Please note that we don’t publish our product roadmaps as they are subject to change from market forces.