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Application Note AP117

CITS25 De-activation Procedure
(CITS25 End of Life support) 

Also see this related document for further information.

1) Polar is unable to reactivate a CITS25 . 

2) Until December 2003, you may deactivate* your licensed CITS25, and receive one FREE 3 month subscription to Si6000b. Alternatively you can provide Polar with the deactivation code to qualify for an equivalent value discount against a full licence for Si6000b or Si6000c.

*       Before deactivating, please ensure you follow steps 1 to 16 of the procedure below to obtain your deactivation code.

3) You may choose to continue to use your CITS25 keeping in mind that....

 *  All CITS25 support finally ceases in December 2003. 

Please note that a significant benefit of the Si6000 is protection by a physical hardware activation key (parallel or USB) which means your Si6000 licence is transportable between PCs and has the added benefit of being independent of system crashes and operating system upgrades.

The instructions are detailed below. 

1. Run the CITS25 software

2. Open the Activate Software dialog box from the Help menu 

3. Click  deactivate

4. Select YES, to de-activate CITS25 

5. Note down both numbers presented in the de-activation process these are the Time Stamp & De-activation Code.

6. Fax, email or phone the information on this to Polar Instruments,  We will verify that CITS25 has been correctly de-activated in order to qualify for your 3 month Si6000 subscription.

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