Updating Si8000m to interface with SB200a Professional edition

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The new SB200a Professional edition is designed to communicate and share layer stackup information with the Si8000m controlled impedance field solver. Together they form a powerful unified system for documentation and design of complex high speed pcb layer stackups and associated transmission line structures.

To realise communication between the two packages Si8000m existing customers need to update to Si8000 Version 3.00 or above.  Version 3.xx includes the links between the two products and supports some additional typical impedance controlled structures for multiple dielectric stackups.

Important note 1:  Si8000m version 3 and up will require a change of software key (dongle) and / or a replacement licence file. This service is provided at free of charge for PolarCare users and is a chargeable update for users without PolarCare.

a) If you have floating seats activated by FLEXlm please contact PolarCare@polarinstruments.com for update information and your replacement licence file.


b) If your Si8000m is activated by parallel or USB key, then please read on:

FOR Parallel / USB protected installations.

From Si8000 Version 3.00 and up, you now have the choice of continuing with parallel or USB activation, or if you prefer you may elect to move to electronic licensing.  Whichever route you choose will require following the steps below in order to update to Si8000m version 3.XX 

Important note 2: You will need to return your USB or Parallel key to a Polar regional office in order to complete this update procedure.  We will issue you with a temporary electronic licence whilst your key is on its way to us.

Step 1 - 

Contact Polar for a temporary electronic licence for the Si8000m, do this by emailing Polar with your maintenance agreement number.  Send the email to PolarCare@polarinstruments.com  please also state in the email whether you would prefer a) Parallel b) USB or c) electronic activation for your updated Si8000m. 

Hint - this is also a good time to request any changes of key personnel contacts on your maintenance agreement

Step 2

Once you have received your temporary licence, please install and run Si8000m Version 3.00. (You can download it from here ).  Should you need help activating please email:

Step 3

Please send your key back to your Polar regional office. Once your key is received we will contact you to confirm your choice of activation, and dispatch your new USB or Parallel key, or your licence file if you have chosen electronic activation.

Step 3 is the final step if you have chosen electronic activation. If you have chosen to continue with Parallel or USB activation please move to Step 4.

Step 4

On receipt of your new parallel or USB key you will need to receive an appropriate FLEXlm licence file. (USB and Parallel keys now also use FLEXlm for protection).  Again please contact
PolarCare@polarinstruments.com for your licence file.

Note:  PolarCare maintenance and support.

Polar maintenance and support packages for the Si8000 and SB200 Professional are fully described in the PolarCare maintenance and support literature here 

This completes the server side installation; please refer to the FLEXlm User Manual for additional information.

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