Locking the CITS880s trace impedance window display width
Application Note AP8516 

CITS880s test result window

Test parameters (nominal impedance, single-ended or differential, test limits, display width, etc.) are specified in the Test Editor.

The CITS880s displays the results of an impedance test in its test result display window.

Within the Editor the Display Width control (below) is used to define the horizontal time or distance scale maximum; the horizontal axis will extend from 0.0 to the specified value. The display width distance can vary from 2.50 – 100 inches (0.02 – 7.0 feet, 0.065 – 2.0 metres, 65 – 2000 millimetres); display width time can range from 0.6 – 22.0 nanoseconds (600 – 22000 picoseconds)

Locking the display width

If the Display Width control is set to Default the display width is automatically adjusted to accommodate the chosen Test From and Test To settings for the most meaningful waveform display. The adjustment is made each time the Test from and Test To limits are changed.

To prevent this autoscaling, choose a Display Width setting from the range of numerical values – the display width will remain fixed regardless of the Test From and Test To settings defined for the test.