CITS880s Setup Wizard
Application Note AP8520 

Using the CITS880s Setup Wizard

Adding a test with the CITS880s Setup Wizard

First time CITS880s users may find it helpful to use the Board|Setup Wizard… which guides the user through the steps required to create a test for a board trace.

The Wizard includes steps to specify the test parameters (test type, test channel(s) and impedance value) and locate the open circuit at the end of the probe. With the probe at the trace launch point the Wizard selects a suitable horizontal range to display the trace waveform and the test region for the trace, choosing the Test From and Test To distances.


Connect the cables and appropriate probe.

Click the Setup Wizard icon on the CITS880s Toolbar or choose Setup Wizard… from the Board menu.

The first Setup Wizard dialog Locating the open circuit at the end of the probe is displayed:

Locating the open circuit at the end of the probe

Position the probe with the probe tip held in open air (not in contact with the board under test.)

From the dialog choose the test type (Single ended, Differential or Groundless Differential) and channel or channel pair and add the description and impedance value. The Wizard locates the open circuit at the end of the probe. Click Next.

Calculating the horizontal range and test region

Locate the probe at the trace launch point and click Next.

The Wizard will propose the most appropriate test region (the Test From and Test To horizontal values)

To specify a different test region, move the cursors to the portion of the waveform over which the impedance should be tested.(see graphic below.)

Select Finish – the CITS880s runs the test over the specified region and displays the test results.

Using Autoscale to refine the display

If necessary, use the Autoscale function to further refine the horizontal display width. The CITS880s will use the waveform under test to calculate the width that should give the most meaningful display. Open the Test Editor:

Click Autoscale – the CITS880s will prompt for a test on the coupon trace.

Run the test on the trace – the CITS880s will use the impedance waveform to decide the optimum display width.

If necessary, use the Test Editor to change the Test From and Test To settings to specify the most suitable test region – usually the flattest portion of the trace, away from any aberrations.