CITS calibration date
Application Note AP8522 

CITS calibration due date set to 2066

There have been one or two instances of CITS reporting to customers with a 2066 Calibration Due date.

CITS are shipped from the factory with a 2066 recalibration date.

The Calibration Date initiates when the CITS is “put in service” at the customer with the customer license. This gives the new customer a full 12 months before recalibration is required. (Prior to this process, depending on warehouse and shipping time, a customer could install a “new” CITS, only to find it appeared to need an imminent recalibration.)

The initiation date is written to the CITS when the software launches and sees a “factory” date of 2066 in the CITS.

If the customer – or the installer – starts the CITS software and connects the CITS and powers the CITS on, the date will not be rewritten.
(Because the date write process only happens when the CITS software launches)

if your CITS reports 2066 Calibration Due date:

  • While the CITS is running and connected
  • Close the CITS software
  • Reopen the CITS software.

Note: It ONLY occurs when the factory CITS is plugged into a PC with the software running.