Polar legacy products application notes

Using the Si6000

Si6000 sample workbooks

Using the RITS520a

Using the Si6000 (Si6000 has been replaced by Si8000m and Si9000e)

Upgrading your Si6000 PC's operating system

If you are planning to upgrade to a more recent operating system on a PC with the Polar Si6000 installed, you can avoid subsequent problems with your Si6000 by following this procedure.

AP162 Reverse Voltage Crosstalk — deriving and using exact and approximate equations

Modifying Si6000b v2.xx custom worksheets to run with Si6000 v3

AP160 Avoiding arithmetic errors when calculating impedance with the Si6000
AP161 Avoiding arithmetic errors when calculating impedance on differential structures with the Si6000
AP152 List of Models for the Si6000 (720k).
AP151 Copper thickness, edge coupled lines and characteristic impedance
AP142 Modelling other structures with Si6000b (pdf 433k)  
AP136 Three steps to using the Excel interface on the Si6000, in PowerPoint format. From introductory to advanced level for you to freely distribute for training purposes within your company:
(Right click the link and choose Save Target As...)

AP136a.ppt Introductory
AP136b.ppt Graphing Zo vs Er with Excel
AP136c.ppt Making your own spreadsheets

Web tutorial for Si6000. Web slide show: AP136_800_600 For 56k connections
Hi resolution slide show:    AP136_1024_768 (ISDN or DSL)

AP134 Here's an example of a spreadsheet you could develop with the Si6000b (Requires MS Excel) NEW
AP133 How to use the Si6000 — Quickstart guide  

Modelling reverse voltage crosstalk with the Si6000

The models for reverse voltage crosstalk require values for Zo, Zeven and Zodd (see AP162 Reverse Voltage Crosstalk — exact and approximate equations). These workbooks demonstrate how the the Si6000-derived values for Zo, Zeven (Zoe) and Zodd (Zoo) can be used to graph the change in reverse voltage crosstalk against trace separation for two differential structures, Edge-coupled Surface Microstrip and Edge-coupled Offset Stripline.

Download the zip files below and extract into your installation directory containing SI6000Expert.xls 
(Usually:  C:\Program Files\Polar\Si6000)

SP100 Reverse Voltage Crosstalk - Edge-coupled Surface Microstrip
SP101 Reverse Voltage Crosstalk - Edge-coupled Offset Stripline
AP163 RITS520a installation requirements  

This application note details the installation requirements for the Polar Instruments RITS520a Robotic Impedance Test System

AP154 Design Notes On RITS520a / Rits500s Test Fixtures.

This application note discusses RITS500s/520a fixture construction and includes detailed RITS500s/520a top plate mechanical drawings. The note describes board mounting and clearance and considers the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of indexing.