Speedstack XML Export Format – Version History
Application Note AP546 

File extension – STKX

Single stack up description that contains stack up material, drilling, impedance structure and insertion loss data

File extension – SSX

Multiple stack up construction description that contains stackup material, drilling, impedance structure and insertion loss data. Suitable for rigid-flex and HDI designs.

Date  STKX Version SSX Version Speedstack Version Description
Jan-12 V11.00   V12.01 Original STKX file format introduced
May-15   V1.00 V15.05 Original SSX file format introduced
Jan-17 V12.00 V2.00 V17.01 Updated to include the new material attributes and structure net classes
Jan-18 V13.00 V3.00 V18.01 New frequency dependent calculation capability added to Speedstack where insertion loss can be graphed over a user-specifiable frequency range. File format updated to support frequency dependent structure properties
May-18 V14.00 V4.00 V18.05 Cannonball-Huray surface roughness compensation parameters added
Aug-18 V15.00 V5.00 V18.08 Eight new Coplanar Structure supported. Offset Coplanar Strips 1B2A, Offset Coplanar Strips 2B2A, Offset Coplanar Waveguide 1B2A, Offset Coplanar Waveguide 2B2A, Differential Offset Coplanar Strips 1B2A, Differential Offset Coplanar Strips 2B2A, Differential Offset Coplanar Waveguide 1B2A, Differential Offset Coplanar Waveguide 2B2A
Jan-19 V16.00 V6.00 V19.01 Loss tangent field introduced to all materials containing a dielectric substrate
Jan-20 V17.00 V7.00 V20.01 Drilling enhancements included support for back drilling, minimum drill and via size, barrel wall thickness and five user-definable notes
May-20 V18.00 V8.00 V20.05 Additional drill columns added to stack up graphic
Jun-20 V19.00 V9.00 V20.06 Drill enhancements – new back drill fields for minimum and maximum distance from must not cut layer
Feb-21 V20.00 V10.00 V21.02 New import / export XML file formats to support new Shield material
May-21 V21.00 V11.00 V21.05.06 New import / export XML file formats to support Layer Name property
Jul-21 V22.00 V12.00 V21.07.08 New import / export XML file formats to support the new drill capped properties
Nov-21 V23.00 V13.00 V21.11.01 New import / export XML file formats to support the new material note properties


File version support

Polar Speedstack Export / import all versions of STKX andSSX.  Export / import of stackup information from IPC-2581 Rev B
Polar CGen Import all version of STKX
Cadence Allegro Export / import of stackup informationfrom IPC-2581 Rev B
Mentor Graphics Import V11.00 and V12.00 STKX
Zuken CR8000 Export / import V12.00 STKX
Zuken DFM Centre Export / import V12.00 STKX
Ucamco Integr8tor & UcamX Export / import SSX