Si Crosstalk – multiline and differential pair (lossless) crosstalk option

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Si Crosstalk – Controlled Impedance Field Solver Multiline Crosstalk option:

The Si Crosstalk multiline and differential pair (lossless) crosstalk add-on option for the Si8000m and Si9000e allows you to model coupling between aggressor and victim traces.

The coupling is modeled against frequency and line length and allows a designer to plan for enough trace separation between individual signal lines or between differential pairs for crosstalk to be within safe limits. Both near and far end crosstalk are modeled for stripline and microstrip cases. Using this option it is easy to illustrate how surface traces are far more prone to far end crosstalk than stripline traces.

Forward crosstalk can be a problem if you are forced to use long traces on outer layers, and reverse crosstalk can be an issue if you have high speed parts with adjacent input and output signal lines.

Crosstalk is presented graphically and the lossless data may also be exported in Touchstoneâ„¢ format for further analysis.

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